When you want to permanently straighten your client’s hair, the go-tos have always been toxic chemical-based products that will break curl bonds in a harsh way. The problems with these systems are many, including unresponsive hair, broken hair, and chemical burns, not to mention the time and effort spent to achieve them.

Reform 2.0 relies on the simple and unique combination of specific heat and plant-sourced peptide proteins to unwind curls and eliminate waves permanently, leaving soft, naturally responsive hair.

The curlier the hair, the more disulfide curl bonds are present. Wavy hair has some disulfide bonds, and straight hair has very few. Heat from flatirons and other heating appliances open disulfide curl bonds temporarily, leaving a gap. The specific heat from our Zerran flat iron temporarily opens the disulfide bonds, then shoves tiny plant-sourced peptide proteins into the open gap, creating a new bond as it cools, minus the curl or wave pattern.

If the heat isn’t consistently high enough and there aren’t enough passes, nothing will happen. There is a reason the Zerran Flatiron MUST be used, and we encourage you to read about why in this article. Zerran flatirons have been custom-designed with a bespoke computer chip to obtain and maintain the exact heat range to complete this unique process.

Reform Activator is pH balanced at 4.5-5.5, so no chemical neutralization is needed. The product is only heat-activated, so neutralization occurs when the hair cools. Since there are no harsh pH shifts or dangerous chemicals in our formulas, no gloves or protective balms are needed.

If you do a little research on other products on the market, you might be surprised what lurks in the ingredient list. However, we are happy to report and back up with lab testing, that none of the ingredients in Reform’s patented process have any form of formaldehyde or aldehyde. Thanks to this, no masks, fans, or expensive venting systems are needed to keep everyone in the salon healthy.

Reform is safe for use around children, pregnant women, and those with inhalation sensitivities since the only byproduct is steam. Some stylists have reported that the smell from the heat breaking the disulfide bonds is similar to cooking vegetables. Not everyone has the same hair, and we’ve heard that while some smell like baked broccoli, others end up smelling like chocolate cake!

  1. Shampoo with Absolution Clarifying Shampoo twice for normal buildup levels, or 3 times for heavy buildup
  2. Dry hair 100%
  3. Using a tint bowl and brush, work in sections to COMPLETELY saturate hair with Reform 2.0 Activator. Hair should be dripping.
  4. Allow 15 minutes for maximum absorption of Activator
  5. Dry hair smooth, USING A ROUND OR PADDLE BRUSH WITH TENSION. Dry 100%
  6. Section Hair
  7. Set your Zerran Flatiron to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (Do not change the temperature or use a different flatiron)
  8. Taking quarter inch divisions of hair, pass your flatiron VERY SLOWLY WITH TENSION 7-8 times from roots to ends (Fewer passes for compromised hair sections)
  9. Repeat flat ironing technique WITH TENSION for all sections
  10. Rinse hair with cool to lukewarm water, and apply a liberal amount of Intense Gloss Shampoo. Lather, finger smooth through the hair and rinse. Apply a liberal amount of Moisture Masque, finger smooth and rinse.
  11. Towel dry and apply a light mist of Nourishield Protein Spray throughout hair. Do not rinse. Work through and blow dry to final style.

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