Reform 2.0 – Natural Retexturizing Kit


Reform 2.0 is the next generation in straightening / retexturizing treatments. This is a patented, heat-activated method to unwind curl and eliminate waves for longer than 6 months naturally, without harsh chemicals. No gloves or masks needed.
Reform 2.0 contains absolutely no formaldehyde or its derivatives, because cancer sucks.
For professional use only.


Unlike traditional straightening or smoothing products that rely on chemicals to break curl bonds, Reform 2.0 relies on specific high-heat and non-animal proteins to unwind curl and eliminate waves for 6 months or more.

Our proteins are derived from vegan sources, broken down to extremely small pieces. These protein particles are then small enough to penetrate into the hair shaft, filling the gaps created when the disulfide curl bonds are broken by heat. The high, specific heat opens the cuticles temporarily, allowing the proteins into the hair shaft. For this reason, the Zerran flatiron MUST be used.

Reform Activator is pH4.5-5.5, so no chemical neutralization is needed. The product is only heat-activated, so neutralization occurs when the hair cools. For this same reason, no gloves or protective balms are needed.

As you apply heat to Reform 2.0 Activator, no toxic gases are released. none of the ingredients in Reforms’ patented process are formaldehyde or aldehyde donors. For this reason, no masks, fans, or expensive venting systems are needed. Reform is safe for use around children, pregnant women, and those with inhalation sensitivities.

  1. Shampoo with Absolution Clarifying Shampoo twice for normal buildup levels, or 3 times for heavy buildup
  2. Dry hair 100%
  3. Using a tint bowl and brush, work in sections to COMPLETELY saturate hair with Reform 2.0 Activator
  4. Allow 15 minutes for maximum absorption of Activator
  5. Dry hair smooth, USING A ROUND OR PADDLE BRUSH WITH TENSION. Dry 100%
  6. Section Hair
  7. Set your Zerran flatiron to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (Do not change the temperature or use a different flatiron)
  8. Taking quarter inch divisions of hair, pass your flatiron VERY SLOWLY WITH TENSION 7-8 times from roots to ends (Fewer passes for compromised hair sections)
  9. Repeat flatironing technique WITH TENSION for all sections
  10. Rinse hair with cool to lukewarm water, and apply a liberal amount of Intense Gloss Shampoo. Lather, finger smooth through the hair and rinse. Apply a liberal amount of Moisture Masque, finger smooth and rinse.
  11. Towel dry and apply a light mist of Nourishield Protein Spray throughout hair. Do not rinse. Work through and blow dry to final style.
Recommended aftercare products:

Intense Gloss Shampoo
Moisture Masque
Nourishield Protein Spray
Hair Redemption

Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in
Reform 2.0 Kit

Starter Kit, Aftercare Kit, Expert Stock Kit


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