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100% Vegan

Great hair can happen without help from animals

100% Cruelty Free

If you have to hurt animals to make your products, you shouldn’t be making them

Botanically based with soothing essential oils

Our ancestors used botanicals for thousands of years, so why not put that knowledge to use?

Perfume Free

We all want to smell nice, but not everything has to be pumped with perfume

Sulfate free

Keep sensitive skin safe

Non-diverted products for salon professionals

Some products should only be in the hands of professionals

Botanically Based,
Intelligently Designed

Zerran started in 1986, and our formulas are the same now as they were back then. Our products are always vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free to help you look and feel your best. Why settle for anything less?

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Zerran Products

Zerran International Corporation has manufactured and distributed Zerran Hair Care products to the global salon industry since 1986. Cultivating centuries-old botanical tradition enhanced by intensive modern science, Zerran produces highly effective and unique 100% vegan shampoos, conditioners, styling enhancers and professional services.

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“We’re a dedicated team that provides thoughtful, quality products and education for the world of beauty.”


When you know more, you can make informed decisions to improve aspects of your life. Whether you’re a stylist looking to sharpen your skills or a consumer who wants to up their hair game, we’ve got you covered

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I am totally sold on this. For all my hairstylist colleagues, I know you are unsure if to go the distance with a client that wants fantasy colours or platinum blonde since Trini's have so much orange pigment. Zerran can assist in this process. Not going to be stingy about my secrets

Shimilia from Beauty Chronicles (@Shimiliab on Instagram)

My client has been coloring...black...herself...at home...for the past ELEVEN YEARS!!! By using the miracle product Zerran, she had ZERO damage and her hair actually felt healthier than before. Can someone pinch me??

Ashley Bolling (@beauty_by_ashleybolling on Instagram)

I am SO impressed with the results I get from using Zerran Hair Care on my clients!

Miriam LaBreche (@MooreMiri on Instagram)

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