When your hair is being unruly, a flatiron will straighten out hair and make it look polished in a short amount of time. There are thousands of flatirons on the market that vary in quality, price, and features. While lots of flatirons are perfectly good for straightening hair, they didn’t meet our specifications. You see, when we created the RealLisse and Reform 2.0 systems, we needed very specific heat, and no other flatiron on the market delivered.

Commonly, flatirons have a top and bottom plate with a heating element on one or both sides. Increasing the amount of heating elements means more even heat all the way across the plates. To make sure that no hair goes untouched, we designed the Zerran Flatiron with four heating elements to make sure maximum heat is evenly distributed across the plates.  This saves you time and effort with less passes.

The computer chip in our flatiron is custom-designed and made for us, so that the heat remains very close to the temperature you set. This is critical for us since the RealLisse and Reform 2.0 treatments absolutely must have consistently high heat at a specific temperature to be effective.

The Zerran Flatiron features digital controls, a ceramic heater, instant heat recovery, and has a unique vibration mode. This mode helps guard against wrist strain for the stylist; as well as making sure clients with a sensitive scalp won’t feel as much pulling. Additionally, the ceramic plates float, meaning they have some give when you’re doing a pass, thereby maximizing heat contact with each strand.

This is a 100~130V voltage device with a two-prong plug that was designed and engineered in Japan, and is made in China. It is also available in a 220V model with twin round pin plug. The Zerran Flatiron is warranted against manufacturers defects, and is guaranteed for one year.

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