Zerran Hair Care has been in business for over 30 years! While delivering amazing products to salon professionals that keep them happy and healthy will always be our focus, the industry has changed over the years from word-of-mouth and door-to-door sales thanks to online shopping and YouTube tutorials. We need to “get with the times” to better serve our customers, but we want to make sure everyone is tended to, without slighting anyone.

We want to cater to our stylists, distributors, and customers alike. However, we know that everyone wants to save time and money, so we’re working on creating a Zerran community where everyone benefits. Based in California, most of our business is here, but we have distributors across the globe. If you can buy our products locally from your favorite salon, it helps the stylist, distributor, Zerran, and the customer, since there won’t be the added cost of shipping. When a customer buys through a verified local source or through the website, that also means you’re getting authentic Zerran product, because no one makes hair care products like we do.

Making this system work will be a big undertaking since we’re a small, family-run operation, but we’re working daily to optimize this as much as possible. We currently have a map on our website so you can find a salon or distributor that sells Zerran products, or performs our exclusive services across the globe. There is a retail and professional shop on our site, to help customers who aren’t close to a salon or distributor and need their Zerran fix! Professionals will need to fill out this form and wait for verification. After you are approved, you will have access to the chemical services that are only available to salon professionals. If you own a salon that carries our product and don’t see a pin for your location on the map, please let us know and we’ll update it right away.

We LOVE feedback, so please let us know how we’re doing or give us suggestions by leaving a comment below or emailing us at info@zerranhaircare.com

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