Scientific Name: Lavendula
Common Name: Lavender

If you want to relax, you’re going to go for a bath, some Starbucks , hot tea, and maybe even a scented candle if you’re feeling fancy. One scent that might come to mind when thinking of relaxation would be Lavender, since it can help calm the mind and body almost instantly. Some research even discovered that it is able to help with insomnia and depression! *cite source

Lavender is part of the mint family in the plant world, and is used for everything from medicine to food. They grow best in dry areas with gravelly soil in full sun, making you think they would be a weed rather than a flower (which is what they’ve been categorized as in Victoria since 1920).

The essential oil from this plant is known for its ability to act as both an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory, also taking on the role of a natural mosquito repellent. Since this plant’s extracts are such multi-taskers, you’ll find this in a wide variety of our products in varying degrees.

Products with Lavender:

Blue Shampoo

Clean-Dry Shampoo

Moisturizing Shampoo

Smoothing Shampoo

Intense Gloss Shampoo

Hair Redemption

Moisturizing Conditioner

Leave-In or Rinse Conditioning Serum

Smoothing Moisture Masque

Resistance Protective Cream

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