A patented, natural vegan alternative for Permanent Hair Straightening is revolutionizing how stylists think and opening avenues to new clients.

Los Angeles, CA (June 2, 2010) – When Zerran International introduced a patented, natural vegan alternative for permanent hair straightening some 15 months ago, the result was nothing less than underwhelming. Like Christopher Columbus out to explore the world beyond the horizon, early adopters have had to endure skeptics and non-believers. It was quickly apparent that a revolution could take hold only if old beliefs went out the door and stylists took a leap of faith. Well, the waiting is over.

Zerran Reform® School is in session and it is proving to be life changing for stylists and hair models alike. “Forget everything you ever knew about permanent hair straightening,” says Zerran Marketing Director, Cindy Van Steelandt. “I’ve watched stylists transform their thinking over the course of an intensive one day educational program we’ve put together for Zerran Reform®. It’s actually quite remarkable.”

PR-REFORM School in Session

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