APS No. 1 (Bond Amplifier)


Combine with color, bleach, or use for a balayage!

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This multi-tasking formula contains ultra-refined vegan proteins, conditioners, gentle process accelerators, and color mordants (fixatives), which work together during your chemical service.

  • Vegan proteins infuse and protect each strand from over-processing, while equalizing porosity over the length.
  • Vegan proteins also condition and strengthen the hair, filling cuticle deficits and increasing tensile strength.
  • Process accelerators enhance the rate of deposit of color, bleach, perm solution and other chemicals into the hair shaft, making for richer color, faster and more even lift, perm and relaxing.
  • Color mordants cause pigment molecules to expand in the hair, anchoring them more firmly for fixation and fade resistance.


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