Smoothing Shampoo 8oz
Smoothing Shamp 32oz

Smoothing Shampoo


Moisture-retaining shampoo with extra silkening and thermal protection agents.


Product Description

Made to be used as part of the RealLisse Vegan Smoothing System, this specially formulated shampoo will help quench your hair’s thirst for moisture. Perfect for keeping curly or wavy hair at healthy, frizz-free moisture levels. Natural extracts of licorice, chamomile, ginkgo, yarrow, althea, orange, and fennel help condition and soothe the scalp and hair.

  • Citrus and lavender essential oils provide a light fragrance
  • Safe for use on colored or permed hair

Product Use:

Dispense a small amount of shampoo into wet hair, lather, and rinse thoroughly.


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