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Zerran Reform® 2.0 What is this?

Zerran Reform® 2.0 Natural Vegan Retexturizing System

Traditional hair retexturizing systems using thioglycolates and sodium hydroxide have known drawbacks. Zerran Reform® 2.0 is a pro salon treatment that does not rely on traditional chemicals. Treated hair has body, natural movement and reduced volume.

Reform® 2.0 is a vegan product. It contains NO keratin, an animal protein. And it contains absolutely NO substance that produces formaldehyde gas upon heating. So it's safe for pregnant women and those with inhalation sensitivities.

How does it work?
This next generation retexturizing treatment features a vegan protein formula combined with specific and consistent flatiron heat and informed technique. When high heat opens the disulfide curl bonds, vegan proteins in a non-toxic bio-compatible formula are positioned to hold the bonds open. This process unwinds curls and reduces unwanted volume. Treated hair has visibly reduced volume, lies down smooth and glossy with natural feel and movement.

Download the "Mystery Explained: How Reform Works" PDF

What stylists discover
This service is gentle to hands and scalp. No masks, scalp balms or special venting systems needed. A pH balanced system. No caustic chemical ingredients; emits no irritating fumes or odors. Reform® will not react with color, bleach and highlights. Spend two-and-a-half to three hours in the chair and leave the salon with a finished look. Client may wash hair after a wait of just 24 hours. Treatment effects last for six months or longer, with a line of demarcation.

Specially formulated Zerran aftercare products are recommended to extend the life of the service and ensure maximum client satisfaction. This suite of products include: Zerran Intense Gloss Shampoo, Zerran Moisture Masque, Zerran Hair Redemption, and Zerran Nourishield Protein Spray.

What clients love
Hair takes half the time to style, lasts six months or longer and it is responsive to thermal curling. Gain more time and wear hair in new ways.

Each Reform 2.0 kit contains approved flatiron, instructions, and all components needed to perform this professional salon service. Heat tolerance swatch test recommended prior to scheduling client for service.


Zerran Reform<sup>®</sup> 2.0