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Zerran APS® What is this?

The Revolution is here, and you are invited!

You are invited to change the way your chemical services work for you with Zerran Advanced Professional Services-APS!

Zerran APS is the simple way to maximize hair health and integrity during chemical services.  Its easy to use, and a great way to take your services to the next level.  With APS, you can:

  • Protect and strengthen each strand
  • Equalize porosity for even results
  • Get faster lift, and richer, more long-lasting color or curls
  • Seal your work and realign the cuticle for a soft, luxurious feel
  • Stop the oxidation process with incredible accuracy
  • Maintain maximum hair integrity between salon visits

All of this with 100% vegan proteins.  No sulfates, silicones, parabens or methylisothiazolinone.

Bond Amplifier No.1
      Contains ultra-refined vegan proteins for strengthening, porosity equalization, and protection.  Process accelerator enhance the rate of deposit of color, bleach and perm or relaxer chemicals into the hair shaft, and color fixatives supercharge resistance to fading.
Bond Completion No.2
     Vegan conditioning agent soften the feel of processed hair, while ultra-refined proteins maximize integrity.  Process neutralizers snap the hair back to normal pH, realigning and sealing the cuticle.
Hair Redemption No.3
This take-home product is a high-powered vegan protein reconstructor designed to repair daily damage and maximize hair integrity between salon visits.
Lift Precision No.4
Delivers maximal creative control for all your lightening services. Won't dilute or weaken your lightener mix.

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Zerran APS<sup>®</sup>