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Zerran Reform 2.0®

Zerran Reform 2.0<sup>®</sup>


Reform 2.0 - Watch Video

This long-lasting vegan hair retexturizing system unwinds curls, reduces volume and delivers natural movement to healthy hair. How? Simply by using specifc flatiron heat and informed technique with our new patent pending formulation. For professional use only.


  • Formulated without any formaldehyde producing substances
  • Contains NO keratin or other animal products
  • No chemical or health worries
  • No masks or special salon venting systems needed
  • No irritating fumes or odors pH balanced
  • Softens and relaxes hair using vegan proteins
  • Easy to master technique
  • Easy, hassle-free styling in half the time
  • Hair retains natural body, movement and reduced volume
  • Responsive to thermal curling
  • Treatment effects last six months or longer
  • Safe with color, highlights and bleach
  • Safe to treat during pregnancy
  • Client can wash hair 24 hours after treatment
  • Prolong treatment effects with specially formulated aftercare products