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Zerran APS Lift Precision No.4 Introduction!Jan 24, 2016

Introducing Zerran APS Lift Precision No.4 for Balayage. This is the world's first protein gel made specifically for Balayage texture, control and hair protection. In this clip, Kim explains the benefits and techniques so you can be the boss of your Balayage!
Reform 2.0 / RealLisse Professional TroubleShootingOct 17, 2014

Learn to avoid common mistakes and make the most of your salon smoothing and straightening services!
Zerran Radiant Finish Gel for Texture DefinitionAug 11, 2014

Watch and learn how Radiant Finish Gel enhances any hair texture you desire.
Reform 2.0 InstructionsJun 4, 2014

Instructions for Zerran's new generation Reform 2.0 Natural Vegan Hair Retexturizing System. Dramatic reduction or elimination of curl and wave for 6 months or more is now faster and easier than ever before. Still without harsh chemicals, harmful gases, or need for gloves or masks.
RealLisse Step by Step InstructionsJun 4, 2014

Take five minutes and learn two ways to use Zerran RealLisse! First up, how to achieve a lighter-weight finish, followed immediately by a step-by-step for more pronounced hair smoothing. This healthy vegan alternative delivers! Relax. You can breathe again.